Flowing Restorative Yoga & Devotional Songs From around the World 

 Elise is also a qualified yoga and pilates instructor and a voice coach, with over 10 years of teaching experience and a background of over 20 years of dance and movement study.
This 4 hour workshop is split into 2 halves: For The Body / For The Voice
Within the first half, Elise will guide a restorative, grounded and nourishing Yoga practice. With soothing music played softly in the background to aid the journey into stillness, we will open our ears, and prepare our mind and body for the healing sound vibrations that we will create together with our voices later in the workshop. 

We will explore:
·        Flowing asana sequences (physical postures)
·        Pranayama (breathing exercises)
·        Yoga Nidra (guided relaxation)
After a short refreshments break, we will come together again to share simple devotional songs from around the world, that Elise has gathered over years of devotional practice. The spirit of devotion is the intention and focus of the practice, therefore musical ability is not important. Unlike a concert where the audience watches the musicians, everyone is encouraged to join in, singing to call forth and express inner joy.
“Elise uniquely and creatively brings to her workshops the dance, the poetry, the magic that initiates our own capability to heal and take responsibility for our own creative potential.”
No previous knowledge or yoga experience is necessary. All you need is an open mind and heart.  
Please bring:
Comfortable clothing
Yoga mat
Cushion for sitting
Water bottle


Ort, Zeit und Preis:

Ort: Samsara, living and art.....Interieur  Yoga  Café  Seminare  Reisen, Jakobstraße 7, 90402 Nürnberg,

Zeit: Sonntag, den 29.10.2017 10-14:00 Uhr

Preis:35 € bei Anmeldung bis zum 19.10., dann 45 

Anmeldung und Info: 

Wenn du an diesem Wochenende mehrere Workshops/Veranstaltungen besuchst, gibt es Ermässigungen.